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Saturday, 17 December 2016

New years letter and whats new with some vouchers!

Gift vouchers For the Holidays 

A great gift for the holidays , birthdays , special occaisons and more! we reccomend gift vouchers for everyone.
  • Children ( as long as they have permission from their parents) 
  • Teachers
  • co-workers
  • Family
  • parents

our gift vouchers make wonderful gifts and stocking fillers!

you can get them by buying:

At medi spa



Dear Members and clients,

RE: Merry christmas and happy new yr,

Thank you for your time and custom this yr whether booking for you or a friend loved one, we have upgraded our system to include gift vouchers as a way to say thank you and appreciation, for visiting us and choosing us for a massage, healing or water hydro, beauty relaxation treatments.  Please see enclosed our gift to you gift vouchers for either yourself or someone you know can use them courtesy of us.

We have introduced PROMO CODES a loyalty program in form of gift vouchers soon to be like credit card size members card which will give you discount off any purpose product or service on offer within the scheme *(subject to availability) in the future this grants you money off something or a group treatments if booked online, see          instructions on  for instructions on how to use the online booking system and redeem the promo code at the till point within the online booking system.

Great for convenience you can book from your phone go to website see bottom header for I phone click mind body app for your phone or ipad.
Book at home or work with ease and confidence
receive a receipt proof of purchase

Big for 2016 - what we achieved, lots healing, psychic spiritual cleanse house hauntings, loads of watsu, and beauty still perfecting, always massage plenty of, as always what we learned to do our best.

What's new for 2017 – upgraded admin, booking and handling of calls, help with bookings or questions on member cards.
Possible new dwellings to the site (we keep you posted)

Land tidied ready for camping season to start weather permitting march/april for 2017.
Possible teaching qualification in massage to become a private college for small class size on anyone wishing to train in massage, and clare could take watsu training also to then teach. plus new next yr, pregnancy massage, cancer massage, and hot stone combination.
Maybe more events group sessions over the yrs we enjoyed the company around fires or one to ones, or meditations, or possible craft fairs for those have gift or item they wish to sell or trade within medispa, possible courses in spiritual development with ethically morally right mediums like clare or those she knows in circles around the world and locally from yrs doing her line of work.

Biochemic salts minerals nutrition training and into business concept idea to help with lifestyle changes or needing mentoring whilst anyone choosing different way of life or self improvement.

We have considered doing spiritual courses for advanced level raising more than consciousness past life regression, soul retrieval, negative entity removal or even heard of et reptilian or grey technologies

These can all be cleared if you have the knowledge which clare does, but its quite advanced and if anyone interested please email we can look at course prices and options for weekend or mini day courses at medispa.

House cleansing has had more referrals with more people, being possessed haunted, or strange occurrences paranormal nature around their home work or family.  If you see the website for more information for anyone interested or know anyone need of spiritual help.
Clare can work on stress on land in houses, or areas where there negative spirits or entities, not only has clare looked after many in the medispa centre, many have started to need her help to travel and assist others to clear negative energy or attachments and or have invite to be trained by clare in psychic protection or stay at medispa camping to have inner self healing, in a place chosen for her by nature.

Clare although healer you may heard her say, she is not you are, so let's make 2017 even better by improving ourselves, each other in our lifestyle changes.

So from haunted houses to bumps on skin to head aches pain, sore necks backs conditions galore we explored heard seen them all.

Thank you so we give these gift vouchers to use yourselves or give a gift to another for a treat or present you can book them online for a treatment and use it that way the promo code simply deducts the discount at point of sale.

One voucher per person if you can more people we do not mind them using it as long as you still ask them to register online or attach their account to your own, simply make your own account or log in and you can add family or friends loved ones or work colleagues to your account. They can use the voucher too or grant as gift to another.

One is for camping the other for a list of various treatments that will attract massive discount for you.
Once we have got more people used to what we began by using promo codes and online booking, we can look to do permanent member cards to keep that give discount off other items sunderies oils minerals vitamins products as well.

“health is our wealth”

we look forward to seeing you soon, into 2017 kind regards

Clare & the Medi Spa  team


  comming in the new year!

"These pieces are made with lots of love and intention.

Orgone energy is life energy also known as ether, chi, prana, mandla, od, vril...
Dr. Wilhem Reich determined that by layering fiberglass (an organic substance) and steel wool (an inorganic substance)
would attract and collect orgone energy of both the life-beneficial positive form (POR - Positive Orgone) and harmful
negative form (DOR - Deadly Orgone, entropy).

Orgone devices serve as a POR energy generator, transforming DOR into POR.

These pendants are made with polyester resin, crystals (quartz crystal, rose quartz, black tourmaline and shungite),
metal sheds, a photograph, copper coil and hook.

They measure roughly 4cm x 1.5cm and come with an adjustable string necklace roughly 80cm long.

Each piece is handmade and unique, it will be slightly different from the picture shown, if you wish,
I can send you a picture of your pendant before shipping.

If you wish to know more about the making of the pieces, feel free to contact me.

The item will ship from Portugal on recorded mail."

And here is the link to the dropbox file with pictures and catalogue, I'll keep adding more stuff there for you to use...

click below to see a catalog of pendants.


Contact us

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Medi spa CP Limited
Hall Park Barn, Roscoe Bank, Rivelin, Sheffield, S6 5SA
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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Medi spa letter and Medi spa gift vouchers!


Gift cards

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see our website for more treatments 

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Autumn & Winter Deals

Fall backwards for the autumn specials!
Can't see the great deals? Open the email in a browser

Welcome To Our News Letter &  Autumn Winter members Deals!

We hope everyone has had a safe and relaxing summer!  As well that you are all doing well.  We where happy to see you all that came. we hope to see you all again soon!

We like to award our members with loyalty discounts heard of promo codes, if unsure, here is a link describes what a promo code it and how it works in a video to redeem a discounted offer, if you feel unsure about using our online booking system on the home page, go to APPOINTMENTS, pick the section a treatment comes under to find the appointment and use the promo code on the payment screen to give some amazing discounts.

Medi spa promo codes and offers

we spent our time healing and lots of watsu work and plenty of massage but were quiet on camping to help heal the land structure our business system and administation this yr.  Clare has worked a lot on her own to repair the land
which for one person can be a lot to do, tidying up, painting, and doing admin, as well as working amongst developing herself retraining in nails and beauty and other healing modalities to take medispa onto the holistic quiet niche retreat we have been for over 10 yrs now. gearing up for the fall winter season. As you all know can be snowy more towards the end of November/december/jan time, if for any reason we have bad weather snow etc, simply call on the morning or we call you to re-arrange or provide a refund if you wish (your choice).

What is new?

   We have loyaty cards you have nine treatments with us. you get the tenth free! We have made online brocures for your convienence. We made a lovely new brochure.  As you all know  if you refer a : friend , Family member, or co worker to us. When the book and give us your name you get 20% off.  if you get a brochure and the price changes the website price is the correct one at time of advertisement for quality and assurance reasons.
We provide a 48 hour cancellation period for your treatment to obtain a full refund, or 50% is deducted if you do not attend a service for any reason.
Camping is non-refundable and can be changed to another date subject to a £10.00 admin fee.

We now offer house cleansing. Please see our website for more information. you may also see some infomation below as well. if you feel your home needs a cleans. we can come out and cleans it for you.  If you feel you have unseen spirit or energies around we can sort that for you as well.   If unsure being haunted, having wierd spiritual experiences, posession or walk in or negative entities or demonic issues, clare can help is top in her field in this line of work, soul retreval and past life regression work although psychic medium, her claim she does not do readings, why? someone can walk out the door change their path through their own choice, next day, Clare can see past present and future, but all can be changed but her reasings come from geomantric stress on lands leylines homes haunted dead spirits residing on earth or lower planes of astral, and some can harm affect our children too being more sensitive to spirit, we must listen to them more.
any kind of spiritual issue clare can help with most, from her vast face to face at people homes, or in the retreat setting they have come healed themselves even talking to someone can be very theraputic. to be in a non judgemental setting in order for people to discuss their own life situations sometimes, and go out feeling lighter brighter for sharing and having empathy time with another.

if you wish to learn more and taken on spiritual journey within your own path, in life to self realization, or learning to be forgiving, tolerant, or their things you wish to migate in life, or remove, banish or got programs or things you wish to change, you can book in a drop in meditation class session, which can be taylor made to suit novice to intermediate, to experienced practionare, in energy work chi, prana, or peaceful calming states, chakra aura work and understanding spiritual realms their existence and how to see vision with clarity and understanding your own skills and what it means to be psychic, to a medium clairvoyant and how to protect yourself, or simply you want to have nicer day brighter mornings, more energy or life force, there many reasons, to be in a collective group, and or give each other insights by building in small intimate groups of people and build energy oneself
for more info read website

meditation page

  We have also added on field hire, as well as Room hire for gatherings and birthday parties. weddings. small meetings Exct. We no offer small brithay party packages as well.

We have our own line of blended essential oils made by clare!  They are wonderful and smell lovely!  Plus the offer healing properties!

We have online gift vouchers now you can purchase and send to yourself or: friends, Family, or co workers.  They are great for all occasions. If you prefer just the paper printed voucher we we still have those as well. you can give us an email or a ring you can also pick one up whilst your in seeing us. we post them out if you wish as well.

Coming up.....
We have added some new things to our website   we have added in some special offers and deals (please SEE EVENTS SECTION FOR UPCOMING OFFERS)  or via our online services or local leaflets and posters locally around the centre.
We welcome new customers as basic members
and our slogan clare made 10 yrs ago

~ our health is our wealth, we accept all people all walks of life set of trauma or sorrows ~

    Clare has been doing some traning in bio chemicals , salts , and minarals. As well as Nails. We are also no offering waxing as well. It's been quite a busy summer for us!  we can't wait to show you some new things and see you all.

What clare has offered over the yrs with her dedication healing modalities and training with god creator has given her unique edge and knowledge comes from her words lord, having suffered cancer last yrs healed naturally, having suffered attempts on her life by cia nsa and operatives trolls that want to harm her life business health and her city last yrs, clare has kept her vision to keep both herself family safe and main reason for members only, means we can vet and accept or not under our terms people that are abusive, nasty vicious, vindictive grassing or simply negative or liars, this is to keep the sacreness of our retreat but the work she does where ever she goes in life, we have a no bullying policy in which protects not only herself her blind therapist caleb but anyone suffering with illness disease or disability through limitation bullying or being wounded by another intentionally.
We felt to be fair honest in some clients friends family all know what clare has personally gone through and managed to defend, aid, help erself others through having similar or unkind persons, or people from any kind walk of life, or professon want to maliciousl harm intentionally another or be used by negative forces to do so, her work has also led her to believe in herself more from the chapter in life that is past, but like anything in life, takes time to heal something that also affected her life family made them un happy to see her independent strong but aware of what she gone through seen and witnessed themselves thought out the yrs,
so this Autumn we BEAT the WINTER BLUES by donning our winter wonder land views as muse and welcome in the new yr with god willing and our member freinds that have spent time with clare or know of her family and boys throughout the yrs.

Clare is great motivational pefrson one to one and whilst running large companies to very niche one like medispa that last 10 yrs this has helped to enhance her own skills and others in training.

Next yr clare is taking cancer massage pregnancy training in view her own healing methods helped to recover from cancer herself, in view it came from miltiary technologies that harm the planet and people in their emf fields see this link here to clare work and development with laura on another business forever living but also her own training in emf aura, cleansing balancing and biochemic salts nutrition minerals training.

Forever living and Biochemic salts 

See this website on dangers of skynet Ai techs via google nsa cia companies like twitter facebook use. if you wish to learn more.....

Universal lotus radio

Caleb has some new deals coming up as well look out for special events nights offers.

We will be having a bonfire night, and doing some treatments. invide your friends,  co-workers and family members. All are welcome including children.
Donation for participation to maintain the land thank you detail events offers and to enrole simply use our classes for events log in make an account pay and bring receipt with you, give to clare as event organizer on the evening, if dark just ask others where clare is, so if you wish to have glass wine, relax smoke, or chat with us, catch up bring your children, and they can play with others older, and fireworks and amazing fire nights over the yrs.

bonfire night event 

As you know we are a family run Buisness. here to help you physically mentally, and spiritually.  To help you feel better and heal!  we love what we do, we enjoy helping you feel better  as well as heal.

We hope you are are doing well and you enjoy our autumn flyer.

Lots of love and healing vibes from us to you !


Medi spa Team



Full body 60 min Swedish massage.

Caleb: Available evenings

Clare: Available around family and clients.

Promo code: 309519134427

   Normal price: £45.00
   Discounted: £33.75
   Savings: £11.00

WATSU 4 x hydro sessions buy 3 get 1 free

normal price £280.00
discount £210.00
saving £70.00

Promo code: 609899258600
valid from 24th oct to 16th dec


would you like a quick fix? Come in for a 25 min quick pummel with caleb.

Normal Price: 30.00
Discounted: 15.00

Date Valid: 28th of september (just missed)
13th October missed
26th oct - 473599847541
9th nov - 338339131057
23rd nov - 169778740729
7th dec - 452898718531

From: 17:00 - 21:00

Promocode: use relevant one above to corresponding date you wish to apply this discount offer (*subject to selective dates)

Book and pay online
See Appointments
you can watch our video on our home page on how to book.


Aromatherapy Massage , Fuly Body 25% . Aromatherapy massage with blended essential oils.

  Normal Price for a full body Massasge: £55.00
  Discounted: £47.44

Promo Code:  768724874488

28th oct


Beat the winter Blues!
Keep away: colds , and Flu's !
Great for anyone working in central heating or group envoirments and more!

15 min netti potting lymp Drain

Normal price:£15.00
Discounted :£7.00

Promo code: 26th oct - 244676090211
9th nov - 233081989086

45 min Hopi Ear candling facial Aromatherapy lymph massage.

Normal price: £57.50
Discounted: £27.25

Promocode: 26th oct - 598399564689
9th nov - 187038172713

You can choose one or both book one right after the other.

Valid From: 17:00 to 21:00


NSI Nails 50% off

VALID: Mon / Tues / Wed

From Now Until December
on specified days above

Fore extra added value
Please use promo codes

If you are not sure how to use the promo codes
or on how to book please give us a ring.

we take bookings: 
over the phone

we will also set you up a basic members account.

By booking this will help clare and give clare more time to practice on various nail types.

Nsi Autumn winter offer 50% off

valid: monday Tuesday wednesday

Now till 14th december 2016

instructions choose promo code that suits your requirements

instuctions on promo codes

Polish pro manicure £20.00 reduced to £10.00

Promo code: 673805128571

Polish pro pedicure £25.00 reduced to £12.50

Promo code: 812631797555

Acrylic infills (TIPS) colour £25.00 reduced £12.50

Promo code: 442104270719

Acrylic infills (TIPS) French £30.00 reduced to £15.00

Promo code: 604481192509

Acrylic infills colour (SCULPT) £30.00 reduced to £15.00

Promo code: 830677280310

Acrylic (SCULPT) french normally £35.00 reduced to £17.50

Promo code: 651755986493
Bon Fire Night 
Netti Potting 
House cleansing
House Cleansing, Building Cleansing, Smudging, And Clearings

Sometimes you may have some: Negative energy spirit attacking or residing to a space or building or person. That keeps you or your family  from living your life peacefully.

A House cleansing can be done to remove these energies  .Leaving your home and space a lot calmer and clearer.  you can then get on with your life and business. Without fearing the spirit or energy’s  around you.

A Cleansing can also be a way to clear previous owner energy or to bless the home or work space.


Good ( we send them to the light if they wish to go home) to higher realms or god creator
Evil ( we remove them and cleanse them from the house, please note that this isn’t always guaranteed some times you need more then one session and in some cases they may not leave, we will do our best for you ) or put them through mother earth to hell classed as lake of fire.
  • Haunted houses
  • Poltergeist
  • Demons
  • Gremlins
  • Lost souls

Spirits and energy Can Affect:
  • Environment
  • People
  • Animals
  • Energies of the home or building
  • Electronics

Why you may need a cleansing of   House buildings, work place ,spiritually:
  • Portals or vortexes
  • Haunted area
  • Rituals may have been dones
  • sacrifice
  • Doors to the spiritual world may have been Opened ( by Ouija boards , occult practices exct.. )
  • Entity’s attached to a place  or person
  • curses rituals voodoo on items pics or yourself you feel odd wierd or thoughts in your mind, (negative spirit or psychic attack)
  • May be on a Ley line That may been turned negative murders do this and haunt areas.
  • May hold Memories of violence or trauma
  • Energies may come from others around you that may be doing negative things including Psychic attacks
We can do cleansing:
  • Remotely
  • House visits ( can be done locally)
  • Spiritual Cleansing  For you Or someone in your family ( however we must have consent from the person it is being done for and they must agree  )
  •  the trick is to ask once any negative spirit or demon inside person asks the human parts or remenants for help we can step in and work must continue if required until clear, or they feel better and healthier and life force picks up.  (sometimes people just have a treatment later as a pick me up)
We will provide you with a list of things that will help you protect and keep your home, or workplace  protected and continued cleanse. we can also provide you measures to protect your children  and you  if you  are having bad dreams or any other issues  you wish to discuss with us we may be able to provide you with more help and suggest treatments for you as well .

   As well as advice spiritually if needed. (some cases are individual and different and treated with upmost confidence and care when dealing with someone negged out attacked or being hit cursed by negative spirit, or those that do occult rituals voodoo on people on pictures items or homes children places.

Please  Note: our Cleansing are done by Clare see her biography on our Team members page . some time she may have others with her training support or simply dealing with a demon very old ancient or horrible nasty or wants to fight the light.

In you booking includes:
  • house cleansing / Blessing
  • A reading ( Possibly if Clare picks up anything she will ask you if you wish to know)
  • spiritual Cleansing of a person or  family if they need it ( person and family must agree to it )
  • Precautions
  • Advice
  • How to continue Cleansing your home
  • Measures to protect yourself and family
  • Suggestions on what you can buy to help protect you and your family
Please do not hesitate to contact us . you may feel like your crazy or somethings wrong with you. we can assure you we do not think you are crazy or anything is wrong with you. Their is an unseen veil many demons jinns negs hide in lesser realms  some of us see and can communicate with spirit and since energy and pick it up. some people are not quite sure how to tell people or of they will be believed.

    We will help you and listen with an open heart. we will do our best to help you and help clear the energy . As well as help the sprits whom are stuck or entities move on. If need be in some cases we must remove them because they can cause harm.   but also we discern the health life force how long the posession or psychic attack on earth plane from another or spirit realm been going on.

  As such an older person life force maybe be depleted and being carefl as long as the person comes back to christ lord as savior they be healed anyone can heal their life clare is just tha facilitator prana chi and resonace as a holy grail grid keeper to earth. her yrs training and helping assist others to understand the metaphics and sciences that are within this planet under it over it around us as spirit can be 3ft away from you anyone time, and rmeember your soul has a spirit too thank you..

  To learn more with fascinating scolar and spiritual healing meditation or mentoring to get you back on your own path you have various methods to assist that journey back to god our lord creator, whom as clare has suffered nde herself died, few times, very severe cancer and death threats by negative forces in humans on earth has led her to this path service to god and healing her own life to assist others.

in any case we will help cleanse and clear your space.

Please see website for pricing: 
Medi spa Essential oils
Made by Clare

Great smell and holds healing propertys in the oils

X1 for 5.99
X2  for 10.00

see website for more details.  you can order online or  buy while your in for a treatment with us.

see website for more details
Paracord Bracelts 

X1 for 5.00
X2 for 10.00

Come check out our hand made paracord bracelts. some have charms, some have glow in the dark clips. They come in many colurs and sizes.
Great for any ocision

we have key chains as well  all located in the therapy room.

Come have a look when you have a treatment with us

Do you blog?

Come Check out our blog for the latest:

Medi spa Brochure 

See our  treaments and pricing in our brochure as well you can save it and print it if you wish.
Please note * prices may be subject  to change.

Come visit

Hall Park Barn, Roscoe Bank, Rivelin, Sheffield, S6 5SA

Please click below for directions.


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