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Monday, 11 July 2016

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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Medi spa 2016 Nails and camping deals

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Medi Spa Esssential Oils

Benefits and uses to essential oils

Taken from books fragrant pharmacy, and other aromatherapy books, clare has been using blended oils for many yrs to ease aches, pains conditions, to mouth ulcers, infections, mouth wash, tooth ache, muscle conditions, and many other key areas, as noted on clare personal benefit sheets that are given at the time, of sale to help you decide which one best for you depending on what condition or disease or illness you may have. After studying and having a range of books as reference guides helping herself and others when medicine can compliment a natural way of life, or assist when we have issues or situations that may need a spiritual physical or mental help, and essential prayer oils can help.

you can order online or  come by and buy one in our threapy room.

1x 5.99
X2 10.00

if you are ordering online or wish to have it shipped please note their is a shipping charge.
see website for more details»

Small events/ Children parties

Looking for a quite relaxing place to have a small birthday party? for something different? we offer pool parties , and pool parties with pamper packages .

Price per head: price based on each person
Advice: Pick how many children’s teens, you will require the health and safety form to be filled in each child information and parental consent, choose your budget and then choose which options to go for, this option is booked via the phone or email and receipt sent to you to confirm what is booked at the date of your mini pamper party.

pamper treatments can take a while for one therapist in some circumstances another can be called for but please allow for the amount of people, we recommend for one therapist three young ladies, maximum for the pool up to 6 people, this is then not extending into so many hours.

We normally ask one person out of the pool at a time, in a 2 hour or more session and join the party, back at the pool when finished.
We recommend if having massage you wash shower off before entering the pool
we recommend young ladies attend with no make up this saves time pre showering before entering the pool.
may we kindly ask for no spray tans they are not suitable in hydro pools

*for example you may choose longer than 60 mins which is fine simply add the people and the amount of time.

you can come have a : Camping party with us, pool party with us , overnight stay party,  A pamper party. Book some treatments . Just depends on what you looking to do. Looking for something different? Come book in a party with us.  you  can camp , book the pool . order food to be delivered . Bring your own food with you. we also have a local butcher and local shops you can get things from as well.

if you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions. As well as help you with your booking.

You may bring:

light refreshments

some parents bring marks and spencer

some walk up to the local shops

buy order a pizza from pizza hut or domino’s pizza (we can provide the telephone number)

you can order off of hungry house

you can order from

you can bring table chairs to have outside the pool for your cake and refreshments.

you can BBQ ( you will need  to bring your own charcoal)

if you ring the place you would like to order from you may be able to set up your order the day before so it is just delivered at the time you like.

see website for more details

Gift Cards Avalible online

you can order gift cards online and have them emailed direclty to the person you wish to gift them to. we also have them on our massage room if you give us a ring if you prefer that instead.
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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Medi spa New deals for 2016

Please check the validation and expiration of codes on our web site for expiration

Friday, 24 June 2016


Nails Clare did today :) 

many thanks!

Medi spa teamx

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Birthday party packages / small group gatherings / small brithday parties / field hire

Looking for something different?  Looking for some where to hold a small gathering  or birthday party , children's party . Even a  BBQ , hen party , or wedding ?  come check us out. you can find our pricing and information all on our website if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

see web page below and click the link!

Birthday party packages! 

Monday, 23 May 2016



Polish pro - 50% off
Gel overlay with polish pro 50% off
Gel enchancements 50% off
over tips or free edge with gel 50% off 


See our promo codes 50% off nail work gels, tips
and overlay and polish pro

you can use this code to book online and discount at the time of sale at the check out

USE: PROMO CODE 439105606578

If you are and/or  you  pass this to a friend would who like to sit with and have your nails done.  clare is now finished her  training but requires experience with different nails and have your nails done for DISCOUNT PRICE HALF PRICE Please ring us and let us know.

in return you will get your nails completely done again  HALF PRICE on your   afterwards when you would like them done and visit  .
full set of POLISH pro TO GEL OVERLAY TO NAIL ENHANCEMENT TO SECRETS GEL color and your nails done with clare in  her training.

then later one you can get another infill set done for HALF PRICE  as a thank you for helping her on her training.and working with different nails.

Recommend a client or refer a friend and get a further 50% off your next treatment which could amount to three sets any choice option at half price.

We ask you to have picture taken after to show the type of nail enhancement completed and a testimonial to show others.


please ask for a customer loyalty card when you arrive, and if you have your nails done long term you may choose a membership option for extra discount over a whole 12 month period.

we ask clients to attend 15 mins prior to appointment enjoy a herbal tea, coffee courtesy of us.

See here for details :


Gift cards for others:


See website for terms and conditions

48 hour cut off for appointments and cancellations and booked up front.  to avoid wasted time or late arrival time,

we value our time so we value yours.


You can find all our prices and treatments in our online brochure or stop by and pick up a lyoalty card and a brochure we have newly printed. when you are next in! 

Medi spa shop

check out our new medi spa shop for t-shirts
jumpers , tote bags and more!  you can buy online.
come by and check us out.

so if the shirt is 12.58 + 2.75 = 15.00 in total

click here to go to our online store
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