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Deep Tissue Offer 2017



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Meet Our deep tissue/ sports massage  therapist caleb !

Caleb is our blind  deep tissue / sports massage Therapist.  He also dose Swedish Massage as well.  he plays blind sports, andlikes to do many other activities as well.

Caleb’s Qualifications:
Anatomy and Physiology
Swedish massage
Deep-tissue/Sports Massage

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage Deals!

Normally : £40.00
Discounted:  £30.00

Promo Code: 818753544347

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Come ease your:

As Well As Knots
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Swimming Lessons!

 Swimming is Fun! Or it should be. There are so many benefits for children to learning to swim. Not only is it good for their health, it’s a life skill that could save their life one day. Their first introduction to water is usually bath time. This is the perfect opportunity for them to relax in the warm water and become accustomed to water splashing around them and having it gently trickle over their head when having their hair washed. This can be an enjoyable experience for most children or it can become a challenge, depending upon the experience they encounter. Some children hate having their hair washed and try and avoid at all cost the water teaming over their head. The same can be said about introducing them to swimming lessons.

If your child is not natural born water baby then booking them into a large class at the local swimming pool with 10 – 12 other children with just a pair of arm bands to support them and the teacher shouting at then from the poolside could fill them with dread. Medi Spa have teamed up with SwimRayz Swimming Lessons to provide the best introduction to swimming lesson that your child can have. The pool is 35 – 37 degrees which is lovely a warm. The class sizes are small with a maximum of 4 in a class. The swim teacher have years of experience and the classes are structured to cater for the age and ability of the children. Classes will be starting on Mondays in March 2017 Other days and times will be available over the next few months Please contact us for more information or to let us know what days/time would be most convenient for you

1. No parking fee , parking on site

2. warm pool

3. Lessons year around

4. online booking system

5.great friendly instucters

6. privacy

7. shower

8. toilet

9. changing room

10. evening classes

11. Great for bedtime ( children will sleep well after being in the warm pool)

Small class sizes 4 children per class.
How it works:
We follow the ASA’s National Programme for the Teaching of Swimming (NTPS) and award badges accordingly for achieving a particular NTPS level or distance.

Children 3 – 5 years’ work towards the Ducklings Award

6 years + work towards Stage 1 – 2 .

Class sizes are small (4 pupils per teacher) to ensure plenty of individual tuition for each swimmer. Teachers will accompany non-swimmers in the water and aim to provide an environment which is fun, warm, friendly and enjoyable

During the first week an initial assessment will take place to ensure children are in the correct group for their level of swimming ability. Therefore, it is predicted that there may be some class movements during this time, when children may be asked to move to another class level that will best suit their needs.

Assessments are on a continual basis. Swimmers will stay in the same class until they have successfully completed all elements of that stage.

Please remember that children progress at different rates and some children will stay in the same class for a period of time before they master the skills required. Progress cannot be rushed. Children will progress at a rate that they feel comfortable with.

When your child passes a level, they may stay in the same class. If not, you will receive a text with the new class time. We will advise you accordingly. We want to accommodate your schedule and make sure each of our classes is as effective as it can be to ensure your child the best possible learning experience.

Badges and certificates can be purchased at the cost of £3 ( are given or purchased at key stages)

we offer also one to one lessons for children.
we also offer one to one lessons for adults.

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House Cleansing

House Cleansing

Are experiencing some spirit activity , feeling energy’s or negative feelings, feel watched ?or have things moving , going missing ,odd behavior in people around you,family,or animals  at home, or work.  you may have some spirit around . Some times it’s family members trying to communicate or  give you a message . Do not worry we can help you.

House Cleansing ,Building Cleansing ,Smudging ,And Clearings

Sometimes you may have some : Negative energy,Spirit,entity,as well as other energy’s .That may cling to a space or building or person. That keeps you or your family  from living your life peacefully.

A House cleansing can be done to remove these energy’s .Leaving your home and space a lot calmer and clearer.  you can then get on with your life and business. Without fearing the spirit or energy’s  around you.

A Cleansing can also be a way to clear previous owner energy or to bless the home or work space.

Reasons to call

When moving into a new home or business
If your health is failing
If you feel uncomfortable in your home or like someone is watching you

unexplained negative feelings
Things moving
Change in someone in your families behavior that is not like them and out of charter
To sell your home or business
To release trapped spirits,ghosts or other unwanted energies
Before constructing a new home 

After a divorce or separation
If there is an unexplained illness 

After an illness or death 

To release grief or sadness
To bring in positive energy before a celebration 

After acts of violence or anger 

If things seem to be confusing around your home or office
Having nightmares
Unexplained voices
unexplained movement ex; walking doors shutting and opening


Good ( we send them to the light if they wish to go home)
Evil ( we remove them and cleans them from the house, please note that this isn’t always guaranteed some times you need more then one session and in some cases they may not leave, we will do our best for you )
Haunted houses
Lost souls

Can Affect:

Energies of the home or building
Be aware — when a child is scared of the dark and says there is something scary in their room, there probably is. Children see ghosts , spirits and other entities much easier than most adults can.

Why you may need a cleansing  of :  House ,buildings,work place,spiritually:

Portals or vortexes
Haunted area
Rituals may have been done
Doors to the spiritual world may have been Opened ( by Ouija boards , occult practices exct.. )
Entity’s attached to a place  or person
May be on a Ley line That may been turned negative
May hold Memories of violence or trauma
Energies may come from others around you that may be doing negative things including Psychic attacks
Real Estate Space Clearing for agents or owner Renting homes  out
(This is offered to Licensed Real Estate agents for enhancing a properties sales potential or removing negative energies)
Similar to above but usually without owners or in an empty house.

We can do cleansing:


House visits ( can be done locally)
Spiritual Cleansing  For you Or someone in your family ( however we must have consent from the person it is being done for and they must agree  )

We will provide you with a list of things that will help you protect and keep your home , or workplace  protected and continued cleans. we can also provide you measures to protect your children  and you  if you  are having bad dreams or any other issues  you wish to discuss with us we may be able to provide you with more help and suggest treatments for you as well . As well as advice spiritually if needed.

Please  Note : our Cleansing are done by Clare see her biography on our Team members page . some time she may have  others with her

In you booking  includes:

house cleansing / Blessing
A reading ( Possibly if Clare picks up anything she will ask you if you wish to know)
spiritual Cleansing of a person or  family if they need it ( person and family must agree to it )
How to continue Cleansing your home
Measures to protect yourself and family
Suggestions on what you can buy to help protect you and your family

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