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Who are we?

Sheffield Family run spiritual retreat. Holistic healing massage therapy Centre offering a range of services from Beauty to meditation. We offer Online booking for appointments to book in the comfort of your own time or privacy & you can book for other friends Family even purchase a gift card.  We will look after you one on one.   Make sure you are taken care of properly with an Excellent treatment.   We are members only place, meaning once you become a customer you are a basic member, see our packages available if you wish to save over a 12 month period using our products and services we have to offer giving you amazing discount off everything at point of sale through our online booking system see .  We are a spiritual retreat in nature holistic based Body mind and soul.  Different from your city spa or therapy centre. Our therapist are all self employed.  We are not a Shop meaning our therapists and services are designed to fit around our lifestyle and family.

Please see our Pictures in our gallery and a range many different ways to relax your body and mind & soul.

We offer a wide range of treatments ranging from traditional core therapies such as Swedish to Aromatherapy massage to healing such as Indian Head Massages, Reflexology and Reiki to less known but incredibly effective therapy treatments such as Watsu, A form of Zen Shiatsu. When the body is immersed into the Water it comes under the influence of two opposing forces gravity and buoyancy. Water Treatments are beneficial for Anxiety and Stress conditions because they are extremely relaxing. we also Offer a range of skin treatments, peels, resurface rs, Facial Aesthetics and nails. To lesser known treatments like neti potting and Ear Hopi candling.

The warm hydro therapy pool and watsu is still new to people in the UK, mainly availability, and accessibility to Warm Pools that are private. In fact, we are one of only a few Watsu centres in the country. Developed by Harold Dull in the 1980s, Watsu is a truly magnificent water massage treatment, the water takes the weight off the vertebrae and relaxes the muscles so the practitioner can move the spine in ways that would be impossible on land.

The Camping is a way to support the land & company whilst whilst we continue to do what we love to do and  Clare loves with to do with children in the water(watsu). we work with children and adults that may have been abused, bullied, or been victims of the system of the social services through Assessments or Health conditions or Labelling through Discrimination, disabled leaning disabilities, being given limitations, as well as pre opt and post op.  If you would like more information please see our watsu page.  We Look forward to building a foundation & charity with the Help of other Self Employed therapist whom have done Spiritual practice & life is our Foundation of Growth & learning.   So your contribution helps.

Your business is Greatly appreciated and by the continued support we are looking to build a charity & a foundation of healing occupational services into the mainstream market for people to come enjoy and have a relaxed time in nature, come camping , have some treatments, Hire the healing Hydro pool Privately and more!

Your Business helps us to grow for the Future, wishing to build Log cabins, with wood burning hot tubs, children’s adventure playground with assault course, a cafe, training school for teaching new therapists, food skills  arts & crafts and social skills, weddings, & other exciting Therapy treatments & services.

What is Medi spa ?

We are are in the heart chakra of the earth. Sheffield is known as gods country. we provide a range of services and ways to relax the body, mind, spirit.  We are within nature and on private grounds. We offer a wealth of experience in massage and healing as well as occupational health. We are within the beautiful countryside. On the outskirts of the Peak District . we are ten to fifteen minutes from the city centre. accessible location, close to transportation and we may be a bit awkward to find on your first visit due to the GPS or SAT nav will take you to the wrong place. we Advise using the map on the Right hand bottom side of our site.

We have a blessed Beautiful sacred land within an acre of nature that we share with you while you are having treatments or staying with us. For rest bite, short break, or long stays in camper vans or caravans . As well as if you are coming to see shows, concerts or visiting family, vacation or quite simply you would like quite time to read a book , relax , or go walking Our land is protected by god consecrated holy land by angels of high order including Mary & Jesus and the  as well as Clare’s purple dragon a Divine consciousness the planet (higher self) connected to heaven and earth as one.

Everyone is welcome at our spiritual retreat for healing or therapy. we do not preach to others. we accept people for whom they are. we have morals and principles as well as virtues and respect for others. God or if you prefer the label Creator some people have issue with their beliefs so we do not change ourselves to suit you, As we have unlimited potential and not stuck in a Belief process, Clare has been guided with god with the retreat and her work Service to Jesus which we share with you.   In which god has granted Clare with for the last ten plus years and many more. However if you want to learn more about Clare Back ground before God Called her to do Mentoring & business Advice SEO website optimization and Building this came from yrs experience running small to large Companies, and being Called to straighten a department out within an organization sometimes.   We will grow and share with you. we are healers with god and work with Mary, Jesus and angelic realms and your Guides as well as ours and have a more Spiritual Essence to our outlook in life being self Realized.

We can take you to the start of your journey or a one off trip adventure and if you would like to come try something unique. we welcome you no matter what religion, ethnicity , view of life . We invite you to come try something different.

Please Be mindful like all healers they require healing too wearing their scars from life in this mortal Vessel through our incarnations We are invited back to earth to do our service for god and Jesus and our planet MARY Earth.

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Spirituality broad concept room for many perspectives. In general, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life.  As such, it is a universal human experience something that touches us all.


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