Medi spa Memberships

Available to new customers and pre existing Clients using Medi Spa
We are looking to reward our clients for the continued custom and loyalty having used Medi Spa healing therapy centre, for massage, therapy, Hydrotherapy, meditation, reiki, or beauty services 8 yrs, camping over last 3 yrs.
Our Membership scheme is a way to offer continuous Discounts over a 12 month period.
The membership starts as soon as you decide what level of membership you wish to purchase
Instead of Hard sales or offering deals, We simply ask clients to have the free will choice to decide which option is best for them to fit your circumstances and your budget.
Look via Facebook, Google plus, emails, inc Twitter at our offers and services
When you book a treatment or service you will receive Automatic discount dependent on what MEMBERSHIP SCHEME you decided to purchase. *means (online booking system deducts the discount when you purchase).

Some choices on how to obtain a membership

Recommend 3 x clients for a treatment bought & paid you become an 5% member for the 3 referrals. You bring via your family and friends.
How? Add yourself as a client in the appointments,  add friends to your account for treatments, and or ask on email for one of the Admin team to open an account they will create a temporary user name and password for your friends family to change.
Purchase a Membership from the date of purchase your member scheme depending on how much you feel you will use Medi Spa
How does it work
Each % discounts = a sum of money off treatments & services off all you purchases  for yourself or others under your membership when you book and pay online

Red                                = VIII- Standard 5% discount Membership             = £50.00
Blue                               = VII- Premium 10% discount Membership            = £75.00
Green                              = VI- Copper 15% discount Membership               = £100.00
Bronze                             = IV Bronze 20% discount Membership                = £125.00
Silver                             = III-  Silver 25% discount Membership                  = £150.00
Gold                               = II- Gold 30% discount Membership                     = £175.00
Platinum                           = I- Platinum 35% discount Membership             = £200.00

Why membership

A way to reward our customers  8 yrs continued loyalty whilst Healing was still new in Sheffield now we have changed consciousness and awareness about the holistic benefits  reinventing,  and creating the centre in Nature within Acres of protected Sacred land.
We hold Free meditation classes as a way to introduce yourself to a form of spiritual practice.  (see online classes)
Free nominate a child for WATSU * (the only centre in whole Yorkshire offering Watsu Hydrotherapy service)
The Centre is a sacred place for people to come unwind relax in nature.  Welcome all walks of life being part of a spiritual community.
Private space for our members
Free car parking
Helps other entrepreneurs with Business, when having time out
Being part of a community spirit /perpetual motion/ bartering
Your investment helps Medi Spa to invest in future Spa therapies, and treatments and services.
Maintain the land and continue to improve the company.
Medi Spa Camping has helped the local community and other business by sending our Campers from Medi Spa to the local village public houses, Rivelin Café and park lido, and Peak District right on the door step.
We have the cheapest Hydrotherapy pool in Yorkshire NHS recommends pools which can leave a client on a long waiting list, or pay private most pools cost £40.00 per hour per person, whilst ours is £6.50 per person per hour (Big Savings)

How to book treatment

Look for  PACKAGES – MEMBERSHIPS within the Tabs at the top
Pick which membership you require
To Enroll as a basic member without Discount
Pick Service or Treatment example massage, once you find therapist and time, the system will ask you to create an account at which point you may chose to log in through Facebook or create a user name and password.
Basic Membership allows you the Flexibility to book your own appointments, and Cancel your own appointments.