What is a *promo code?

*PROMO CODE* used to activate discounts and/or special offers on our website. Please note that discounts and special offers are a final sale — there are no refunds or exchanges.
Medispa have Decided to offer Existing member a loyalty option to use discount *promo codes when they use the online appointment system and for the referrals you may bring to the spiritual Retreat.

Watch out within your email box for other Additional offers you may Wish to have later in the yr or think about in advance for another or Family member or friend.
instructions how to use online APPOINTMENTS must be logged in to REDEEM your *promo code at the till (point of online sale)
mind body PROMO redeem instruction
Other offers to be Sent in email later throughout 2015
Valentines Day
Mother’s & Father’s day
World Snooker Championship 2015 Sat 18 April – Mon 4 May Sheffield for the World Snooker Chapionships, which will take place at the Crucible Theatre ( we had a Few players come for a massage 2014 (look out for our *promo offer to the snooker players 
July 24-26: The ever-popular Tramlines inner-city music festival returns to venues across Sheffield
BBQ or Fire spiritual Gatherings
Spiritual Craft & Crystal healing workshops
Simply look out for the offer within your email box, if its something you wish to purchase use the online appointment system and Reserve your treatment Service or product at a discount price for loyalty.
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